You want my moneys?

Your money transformed into a life saving poster. Just enter your name and email below, pay with pay pal and we will get designing and send to you within 12 hours. A sum of this donation will go to our furry friends at PACT.

How many do I get for $10?

As many as you can print - we send you the pdf and then its up to you. OR if you have little time and no printer we will print 10 copies and send them via pigeon post right to your doorstep.

So what do these gosh darn posters look like?

Click here to find out & all will be revealed.

I don’t have a home printer

Not to fear! You can either select the option when you checkout and we will print 10 posters for you and courier them (Auckland wide). OR simply send our print ready poster files to your local printing shop and get them to print them out.

I have a design programme called Microsoft word.
Can’t I just make my own?

You could. However, why not pay us a pittance to make one for you that is 3 times the size and 20 times as effective at making Sally down the road stop and look at it. Consequently increasing the chances of us finding dearest Morrie.

So what if someone
sees my cat?

Jackpot. These posters work. They post a picture on our instagram # and they call you. All in a days work.

My cat hasn’t been found, I want a refund.

While our ultimate goal is to help find the loved cats that go missing we are not super heroes and cannot guarantee found cats. You can however get out there put as many of these bad boys around town and hope for the best.

So what does
instagram have
to do with the
price of fish?

How long is a piece of string??

Do you guys do this full time?

Sadly cat posters don’t pay the bills. We are graphic designers by day and superheroes by night.

Have you guys seen
the pedigree dog app?

Cats Rule. See: Youtube

Are you guys creating a new universal
language for the missing cat poster?

Wow. Chucks. That hadn’t crossed our minds but that would be a dream come true. One style that is so recognised that when people see it they are like ‘oh yeah’ those missing cat posters. Remember a time when people